Etihad is now flying daily between Seoul and Abu Dhabi

Etihad Airways, the airline that Rory works for, has officially begun flying between Abu Dhabi and Seoul, Korea. Rory was part of the crew that flew out before the launch and took part in the press conference as well as events with high-level Korean officials.

This is great news for Rory, as she can now visit her mom whenever she has to work on a flight to Korea and it is good for me also, because now I will be able to see my in-laws as it makes going to Korea a lot easier.

I think that this new service route was a long-time coming. Recently, there has been a lot of big business deals between the UAE (particularly Abu Dhabi) and large Korean businesses (Chaebol 재벌).

I want to do another post that explores the huge Korean conglomerates in more depth. But I think this shows how there are many ties between Korea and the UAE.

For anyone interested, I have put together a map of Korean restaurants, groceries and entertainment venues in the UAE. If you know or find somewhere that isn’t on this map, please feel free to suggest it in the comments and I will add it.

UPDATE – I just saw in the National newspaper today that there will be a Korean film showcase in Abu Dhabi hosted by the Korean Embassy. The free, three-day Korean Film Series will be held at Abu Dhabi Theater starting on Saturday, December 18, marking 30 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and the UAE. A Korean chef will prepare food during the screening and free flights to Seoul will be given away. Abu Dhabi Week did a good article on it too.

Apparently, the event is co-organized by the Embassy and King Sejong Institute, which was founded at Zayed University this past October and is the the first organization to teach Korean language and culture in the UAE.

You can see the schedule here.

Korea in the Middle East

Korea and Middle East countries, particularly the UAE, are benefitting from a strengthening relationship

See Etihad’s commercial here. The site also has some tourist suggestions.


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  2. D Glass Says:

    Thanks for mentioning ADKFS and KSI at ZU in your blog. Hope to see you at the event. Cheers.

  3. Jamie Says:

    No problem. I wasn’t able to find a link to the King Sejong Institute in the Zayed University site. Can you share a link to an info page?

  4. D Glass Says:

    We just got started in October and don’t have a website just yet. When we do, I’ll try to let you know. Cheers.

  5. In Yeon » Korea’s Chaebol (재벌) Says:

    […] Interestingly, two of Samsung’s major clients are also intertwined with the province I grew up in and the country I spent the last 6 years in. The United Arab Emirates government has awarded a consortium of South Korean firms – including Samsung, Korea Electric Power Corp and Hyundai – a deal worth 40 billion dollars to build nuclear power plants in the United Arab Emirates. This relates to a post I did on here when Etihad opened up it’s flights to Korea. […]

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