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I fell in love with Korean walnut cakes when I lived in Koreatown in Toronto. While these  shown in the pics aren’t quite the same, they are similar enough. Basically they are a soft, sweet dough ball with a creamy sweet centre. They only cost a dollar for a big bag of them so keep your eyes out for street vendors, though it will more likely be your nose that alerts you first.

A golden bag of golden creamy cakes!

Golden Gooey Goodness

If anyone has a home recipe for how to make these, please share!


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    I like your post. Your blog is fantastic.

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    […] foods found at street stalls or in subway kiosks. Those would be beondegi (silk worm larvae) and walnut cakes. However almost anything is for sale if it can be eaten. From french fry-covered hotdogs on sticks […]

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