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장동건 & 고소영

Korean Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

For those of you who aren’t Korean or aren’t into K-Stars (Korean movie/TV/performance Stars) you might be wondering who these people are and what they are doing on our wedding blog. I didn’t know who they were either but Rory called me the other day in a panic while I was at work to tell me that Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young,  Korea’s version of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have announced their marriage and that it will be the exact same date as ours, May 2, 2010.

While I think this is a good thing, Rory isn’t so sure. With all the shamanistic considerations that were taken into account for our wedding date and the fact that two of the most famous Koreans on the planet also chose this date means that we need to give our shaman a bonus or something. It must be good luck right?

Well girls kinda see this sort of thing differently I guess. Firstly, it means that Jang Dong Gun & Ko So Young won’t be able to make it to our wedding :( Secondly, a lot of other famous movie stars and politicians won’t be coming to ours either :( Thirdly, the newspapers and television news channels will likely not cover our little traditional Korean wedding, opting for the likely enormous and elaborate white wedding of these two stars.

Steal our thunder will you?

One thing to note, the wedding will be held at the Shilla Hotel, which is where my dad will be staying. I think this is cool.

According to One Asian World, Jang Dong Gun, 38, announced his marriage to model/actress Go So Young, 37, at his fan meeting on March 6th at the COEX Auditorium in Seoul. The transcript below.

There’s something I would like to say to everyone.

When I was preparing and filming for The Way of the Warrior, I was often by myself overseas and thought a lot over about my life. Many thoughts would then surface to mind. I felt that besides living my life as an actor, I should also live my life as a man. At that moment, I began to develop thoughts of spending the rest of my life with a friend of mine who have been by my side all this while.

On May 2nd, I will be getting married with my closest friend, colleague and my love, Go So Young. Actually, to be able to stand here and say this is because of the courage that all of you have given me. So I hope to get the blessings of everyone here first. In times when the economy and society isn’t doing very well, I know that my actions of announcing about my happiness might be questioned, so I chose to be cautious about it. I really thank everyone for their concern but on the other hand, I hope that we can sincerely go about this in a quiet manner. I will not neglect my life as an actor and I will strive to do my best to make everyone proud. I will not let you down and please continue to show us support.

Thank you.

Movie 'Yeon Poong Yeon Ga' where the couple met

Congratulations to Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young. May we share this beautiful spring day together and be blessed with the happiest futures forever after.

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