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I just got a notice from my web hosting company that we have automatically renewed our account for this site. That means that 1 year ago we started on this little journey. It’s been a lot of fun and a lot has transpired. Let’s look back shall we, at the 10 most popular posts on our humble blog.

10) And the date is…. – This was our first real post that described how our wedding date was decided by a Korean shaman who read our futures in the very stars themselves! We expanded on the post in one dedicated to Korean Shamanism here.

9) Strange Korean Foods (part 1 of many) – The first of many Strange Korean Foods posts, in this one we looked at one of the strangest… Beondegi (Silkworm Larvae) ewwwww!!

silkworm larvae

nom nom nom!

8) In Korea, racism is normal… sort of – This post was a bit of a serious one for a wedding blog, I’ll admit. Here, we tried to paint a realistic picture of the isolation, war and other conditions that shaped Korean’s perceptions of theirs and other races. It stirred a bit of debate actually. We just wanted to help our friends and family understand the differences in our cultures.

7) Korean Toilet Culture – One of the favorite posts on our blog examined the very unique toilet culture of Korea.

Korean Toilet Culture

6) Korean ‘Fan Death’ – Similarly interesting was a post that demystified the urban legend of ‘Fan Death’ that has gripped the Korean society for generations. However, it, like the Sasquatch or Loch Ness, still haunts the psyche of Koreans to this day.

5) Our Trip To Korea – We had a few posts that described the wedding planning process and the fun times we had while in Korea in December. Of most significance was the post relating to our legal marriage while in Korea and meeting the family for the first time (I was so nervous).

4) The Hanbok – One of our most popular posts was on the beautiful, colourful, national dress of the Korean nation.

Rory and Jamie

3) Korean stars steal our wedding date! – When  Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young,  Korea’s version of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their marriage would be the exact same date as ours, I just had to do a post about it.

2) Ham Sassaeyo!!! – Have you ever walked through the streets of a foreign country wearing dead squid on your face? Well we did!

Ham Sassayo!

1) Stu Stu Studio Pics – By far the most popular of our blog posts has been the studio pics. If you haven’t, please check them out.

Studio Pics

So a year later, we thank all of our friends and family (and strangers) who have followed us on our wedding adventure. Now we will continue with the blog and share other exciting moments of our lives as our two cultures collide.


Rory and Jamie


Korean ‘Fan Death’

Author: Jamie

I’ve only  just heard of this but it strikes me as quite a strange superstition. Apparently, people die in Korea from fans!

Asian girl
This isn’t the type of fan we’re referring to…


Fan death, as in the fairly standard consumer air fan that most people are familiar with and can be purchased at Walmart for $31.88, is an urban legend in South Korea that blames the electric fan for suffocating, poisoning and freezing people if it is left running overnight in a closed room. Fans manufactured and sold in Korea have timers and warnings.

We’re not talking about these types of Korean fans. Though they do look deadly!
These are the culprits! They even look guilty.

According to Wikipedia, The Korea Consumer Protection Board (KCPB) even warned against them and said they are a leading cause of seasonal deaths.


As you can tell by this shocking report, the phenomenon is mainstream news worthy!

Beware of fans!
Beware of fans!


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